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The Apprentice Pledge
As an Apprentice I owe it to myself, to my Employer and to my Union to develop the skills to required to be a successful lronworker. 

It is my duty to work safely and do the job right the first time.

As an apprentice it is my duty to do well in my training courses and to apply my new knowledge on the job in order to become a skilled journeyman.

It is my duty to follow the direction of my Foreman on the job.

I will attend school where related instruction is provided for the hours per year as required in the Apprenticeship Standards approved by the JATC.

It is my duty and responsibility to attend school regular. I will be on time and will apply myself to the best of my ability.

Term of  Apprenticeship and Length of time required to achieve Journey person status in specific trade.

3 year term On the Job Hours Not less than 4200 hours and 635 Class Hours. 

Date Apprenticeship  begins  -  Shall be the date that the apprentice signed the agreement.

Projected  Completion date  -  Shall be the date that the apprentice will complete the program and will establish Journeyman status (if credit for previous experience is given then this must be taken into consideration when filling completion date Estimate.     

Credit for  previous experience  -  Credit can be given but can't be more than 75% of the term of the apprenticeship. Credit experience can be granted by program Sponsor bust be approved by JATC.  
Steps  -  Each step equates to a certain amount of hours that must be attained in order to graduate to the next step.

1st Six months = 70% of Journeyman Wage - 1 hours class threw 100 Hours  700 OTJ Hours  

2nd Six months = 75% of Journeyman Wage 100 hours class threw 200 Hours 1400 OTJ Hours 

3rd Six months = 80% of Journeyman Wage 200 hours class threw 300 Hours 2100 OTJ Hours 

4th Six months = 85% of Journeyman Wage 300 hours class threw 400 Hours 2800 OTJ Hours 

5th Six months = 90% of Journeyman Wage 400 hours class threw 500 Hours 3500 OTJ Hours 

6th Six months = 95% of Journeyman Wage 500 hours class threw 600 Hours 4200 OTJ Hours

Cost to be incurred by  Apprentice - Tools, hard hats and books for class are the responsibility of the Apprentice. 

Acknowledge  Probation - Probation status 60 days 40 hours class time. No Failed Drug test if a positive result is encountered the applicant will supply a letter of  completion of substance abuse program at the applicants cost.   

Acknowledge receipt  of  standards: - Read the standards and initial

Acknowledge receipt  of  participation: - Any Apprentice not maintaining their class hours may be passed over for a job call and could be subject to dismissal from the program  Work Processes Description of work to be preformed on the Job and Class work. 

Apprenticeship Coordinator/Instructors

Apprentice Coordinator  -----   Norman Richerson
Apprentice Instructor - Involved & teaches every class
Phone:  (251)  645-2477  ext. 2
Norman has the following Qualifications & Certifications

  • American Welding Society: CWI -  (Certified Welding Inspector)
  • Welding SMAW A1
  • OSHA 500
  • Qualified Rigger
  • Crane Signaling Hand & Voice
  • Forklift Safety
  • Superintendent Trainer
  • Precast
  • Structural Steel Plumbing & Align
  • Comet Train the Trainer
  • Medic First Aid AED Instructor

Apprentice Instructor   -----   Stephen Lovelace
Involved & teaches every class
Phone:   (251) 645-2477  ext. 1

  • Stephen is an expert in the Ironworking trade.  He holds industry recognized certifications in safety and Ironworking.